“I am so proud of this musical son.”

“I am so proud of this musical son.”

February 8, 2024

Nyana Ribeiro

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With a historic triple meeting in Castro Alves Square, in the historic center, the El Salvador Carnival began this Thursday (8). In addition to Carlinhos Brown, BaianaSystem and Ilê Aiyê, the party featured Yvette Sangallo. There were many celebrities in the “Minha” trio, but the one who stole the spotlight on the first day of Bahian celebrations was him Marcelo Sangallo CadeYvette's eldest son.

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MarcelotopoThe 14-year-old student and musician composed his mother's band and shined on percussion. “I brought my son to see it, because I said to him: 'Son, come and try this here, because this is one of the most special things that can happen at the Bahia Carnival.' Love with Carlinhos [Brown]“For Eli, for Bayana, for our culture, we are experiencing this here now… I am very proud of this amazing musical son,” said the singer and presenter from Bahia.


Carlinhos Brown also praised Marcelinho's talent. “He's really a great collaborator, because he scores the play beautifully. A talent he inherited from his mother, but it's very special to him.” Yvette responded to the “boss”: “But who is the idol? Who is the mentor? Antonio Carlos,” referring to Mr. Brown.

​Ivete Sangallo celebrates 30 years of her career and has chosen “Ivete 3.0” as the theme for her carnival in 2024. The presentation on Thursday (8) is the first of seven in six days.

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Rehearsal with Fr
This morning, Wednesday (7), the eve of the carnival, the nutritionist Daniel CadyYvette's husband posted a video in which he and his son appeared playing percussion instruments. “It's really a carnival,” the nutritionist celebrated in the caption. Yvette quickly left her statement: “My beautiful darling.”. “Our lady is at the forefront,” commented businesswoman Cynthia Sangallo, Evetti’s sister and Marcelo’s aunt.

Efeti's son, Marcelo Sangallo, is shown in a video training with his father, Daniel Cade:
The video impressed followers, who left lovely comments on the post. “The relationship between father and son is a beautiful thing to behold,” one celebrated. “Marcelinho is just like his mother! Beautiful!” another praised. A third joked: “I feel like an old aunt with every video of Marcelo playing alongside his parents. Wasn't this boy born one of these days?”


In an interview with Welcome, Bahia During the Salvador Summer Festival, Marcelo revealed that he will soon release his own musical works. “I identify a lot with the world of trap and funk. I spend hours and hours in the studio studying on my own, watching online courses. I've had support from many people as well, from my mother, from friends. One of them is DJ Gleaner, from São Paulo, who He gave me the greatest support, explaining to me how the programs work. (…). So, I am very happy, as I am improving myself more and more (…) I already have a lot of songs that you will see soon. I am also preparing some songs With some top players, so I'm very excited.


Photos: Elias Dantas and Jefferson Peixoto / Alo Alo Bahia / Reproduction / Instagram.

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