Hunting Plot, Duffy Ho and Sir Carrasco from BBB 24

Hunting Plot, Duffy Ho and Sir Carrasco from BBB 24

Chico Barney responded that he did not believe in that possibility. “It doesn't lose its power, because the audience is so interested [no programa]But he loses some of the tension. Even Davey loses his plot a little, as she's considered his main enemy here. It would lead to the demobilization of interests.”

D'Guinho agrees that Duffy could easily stay in the game after Wanessa's departure. “For Devi, Wanisa’s departure is bad, because she provides a plot for Devi. However, at this stage of the tournament, it is possible that he can get a plot through other people as well, like Jasmine and Lucas…”

For Chico, there is no doubt that Bahian will do everything in his power to stay on top of the reality show. “One thing is clear: Duffy will try hard to get a piece of land [sem Wanessa]Because he is a harder working man than Sir Carrasco. It's part of the daily narrative of writing a new chapter – and there's no messing around with its own TV series!”

DiGinio: Daffy is swimming alone in the BBB 24 house and nothing is affecting his game

Fernanda, 32, was furious on BBB 24 (Globo) when she saw Davey, 21, answer the Big Fone for the second time in a row. She told Beetle, 24, that they needed to think about creating the perfect wall that could remove the Bahian driver from the game.

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