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After weeks of tensions with Parliament Peruwho asked Take out many ministersControversial Prime Minister Guido Peledo submitted his resignation Wednesday night (6) and was replaced by Mirtha Lopez, a feminist lawyer, environmentalist and human rights advocate. Then a new ministerial government was formed.

In a televised message to the country on Wednesday afternoon, the Peruvian president said: Pedro Castillo, announced that he accepted the resignation of the Prime Minister. fact, The head of state asked Peledo to withdraw “in the name of the government.”

Portrait of Pedro Castillo, President of Peru, September 21, 2021 – Photo: Marie Altaver

Mertha Vasquez, 46, was sworn in before the president, during a ceremony at the Government Palace, which was rebroadcast on public television. The new Prime Minister declared: “By God, for the sake of this country of women and men, who struggle every day to live in dignity, without discrimination and who bring about real change, yes, I swear.”

Pedro Castillo officially becomes president of Peru

The president hopes to end the tensions that characterized the first months of his term.

Since his candidacy, Peledo has been severely criticized by deputies of various parties for his lack of preparation and, above all, for his closeness to Vladimir Cerrone, founder and head of the Free Peruvian Party, a radical left party whose support allowed the professor. A former trade union member is elected president.

But the prime minister has been criticized above all for his controversial and provocative statements, often on social media, in which he contradicted the president.

Congresswoman Maria Carmen Alva used a social network to congratulate the president on the decision, emphasizing that “Congress is open to dialogue and judgment.”

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