The United States is preparing for a possible Russian nuclear attack

The United States is preparing for a possible Russian nuclear attack

In 2022, the United States began preparing for the possibility of Russia launching a nuclear attack on Ukraine. This would be the first nuclear attack since the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. This information comes from two senior US government officials, according to CNN International.

Prepare for the likely scenario

In the book “The Return of the Great Powers,” journalist Jim Sciuto of CNN International reveals unprecedented aspects of the emergency planning carried out by the Biden administration. The assessment was not based on a single indicator, but on a series of highly sensitive developments, analysis and, most importantly, new information. The level of risk appears to be higher than at any other time, according to a senior government official.

Russia's response

The end of the northern summer of 2022 proved devastating for Russian forces in Ukraine, who began to lose territory. As Ukrainian forces advanced, Russian units were at risk of being surrounded. The view within the US administration was that such a catastrophic loss could serve as an “incentive” for the use of nuclear weapons.

Russian communications regarding nuclear attack

Western intelligence agencies obtained information indicating discussions between Russian officials about a nuclear attack. “This was never a direct assessment,” the first senior official said. US access to internal Russian communications has proven its ability before. In the run-up to the invasion of Ukraine, the United States intercepted Russian military commanders discussing invasion preparations, communications that were part of a US intelligence assessment that an invasion was imminent.

International reaction

As a result of these concerns, the United States conveyed its concerns directly to Russia and requested assistance from non-allied countries, especially China and India, to dissuade Russia from carrying out such an attack. US officials say outreach and public statements by Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi helped avert the crisis.

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Since late 2022, Western authorities have remained vigilant. A US administration official said: “We continue to improve plans and it is not unlikely that we will be able to at least address the increasing risk of this happening again in the coming months.”

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