HSBC will be offline for 24 hours during Black Friday

HSBC will be offline for 24 hours during Black Friday

HSBC apologized to UK customers after service was down in the country for more than 24 hours. The case happened last Friday (24), in the middle of Black Friday. Thousands took to social media to take advantage of the discount and not be able to make purchases on that date due to the volatility.

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Understand the case

  • The problems began on Friday morning and HSBC said it would soon investigate the failure.
  • After about an hour, the bank said the situation was resolved, but some services may continue slowly at first.
  • The problem was that thousands of people reported that services were offline for about 24 hours, leading the banking firm to apologize for what happened.
  • HSBC has been criticized for taking too long to update its service status page, which provides information on the availability of digital services such as online, mobile and telephone banking.
  • Information from BBC.
The HSBC system was down for about 24 hours (Image: farzand01/Shutterstock)

The failure occurred during Black Friday

On social media, customers complained about the lack of communication with HSBC. Several reports indicated that money could not be transferred or paid between accounts, which harmed those who tried to take advantage of the Black Friday promotions.

In an interview with the BBC, Marius Acsinte, 34, said he was unable to pay the rent because of the problems.

I expected the bank to send a message or email explaining why, but instead I had to find out online. It doesn’t matter if tonight is Black Friday or not, I can’t use my money and no one has told me why this is happening.

Marius Assynt

Villagers also complained about the bank’s negligence. They said that several branches in their locations have been closed in recent months and without contacting HSBC, they have nowhere to turn. Recently, it announced the closure of 114 branches in the British territory.

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The bank did not say how many people were affected or what caused the system failure. HSBC has around 14.8 million customers across the UK and the banking firm estimates that nine out of 10 transactions are done digitally in the country.

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