How will it work and what is the purpose?

File created A new tax on great wealth. The purpose of this honor is to fund the investment and social spending plans proposed by President Joe Biden.

Under the Democrats’ proposal, those with annual incomes of more than $100 million or more than $1 billion in assets are expected to be taxed for three years.

However, in addition to Musk, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg, owners of Amazon and Facebook, respectively, can be reached.

Ron Weider was responsible for introducing the bill to the Senate. Tradable assets, such as stocks in the stock exchange, that will be valued each year will be taxed at 23.8%, and billionaires will be taxed on their potential earnings.

Democrats expect to approve the bill this week. Quick approval of the spending plan is important to the White House, especially with Biden leaving for Europe at the weekend.

The US president is seeking to improve his image with European leaders after widespread confusion over the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which has effectively ignored partners, and his unpopularity with the American people, which has been declining.

Although welcome at first, honoring the richest can include challenging developments. As a result, the Democratic Party leadership faces resistance to gaining support for the project, even among its party colleagues.

Obviously, the Republicans are against the law.

Suggestion or offer

Initially, the idea will only reach taxpayers with more than $1 billion in assets or those who hold Fortuna $100 million for three consecutive years. With this rule, only 700 Americans will be subject to the new tax.

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However, the proposal is controversial, as tradable assets such as stocks will be scrutinized year after year and billionaires will be taxed on their potential earnings.

Even reaching a “small” group of people. The topic is much discussed. This is because, if accepted, the new tax could change the concept of taxable income, potentially hurting more taxpayers in the long run.

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