A secret document containing details of the UK’s military missions that was found at a bus stop

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  • diplomatic reporter

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The papers found at the bus station provide information about the passage of a warship along the coast of Crimea, in a conflict zone between Ukraine and Russia.

Sensitive documents from the British Ministry of Defense containing details of the actions of the armed forces in conflict zones were found at a bus station in the county of Kent, southeast England.

An extract from the documents discusses the possibilities of the Russian reaction to the passage of a British warship through Ukrainian waters off the coast of Crimea, last Wednesday (23).

Other stacks of papers were found at the bus station detailing plans for a possible British military presence in Afghanistan after the end of the US-led NATO operation.

The British government said it had opened an investigation into the case. A Defense Ministry spokesman said an official had reported the loss of sensitive documents and added: “It would not be appropriate to comment in more detail on the matter.”

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