Christiana Oliveira Reveals Why She Missed the Backstage Party for the Original ‘Pantanal’; Watch!

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The recipe for success is old, see?! new edition ofwet land“He impressed me very much, not only in terms of dramatic quality and its repercussions on the audience, but also in the chemistry between the actors in the cast, which is reflected in the final result of the work. In an interview with “Otalab,” he said Octaviano Costa At Splash UOL, Christiana OliveiraJuma Maroua was surprised by the original version by revealing that the atmosphere prevailing among everyone at the time was the same as it is today. However, she turned it down because she missed many fun moments behind the scenes of the production.

Recently, social networks have been in an uproar as they amassed major stocks made by Jose LoretoAnd the Alanis JilinAnd the Jesuit Barbossaand Bella Campos, Julia Dalavia and the other cast of the series with backstage recordings straight from the Pantanal. Records range from moments of exercise and singing to bathing naked in the river and topless to catch some rays of the sun.

Fans of “Pantanal” were boldly excited about the backstage clicks. Photos: Playback / Instagram

To “Otalab,” Christiana said she sees in the air a lot of what lived there in the ’90s, while they were working on the version made by Benedito Ruy Barbosa. “I’m in awe, seeing everyone fraternize in the remake, the same energy as 1990,” pointing to. However, the actress ended up missing a lot of those moments of relaxation and explained why. “At 27 I was honest about everything, I didn’t drink anything. It was 7pm, they turned off the lights and I went to bed early because I had to get up at 4am the next day”He said.

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Part of both versions, Marcos Palmera was one of the names responsible for revolutionizing the “Tuwi Dance” with the help of his colleagues Paolo Gorgolo and Marcus Winter. At the time, the group was turning on a generator on the set, scattering the lights and releasing an impromptu song. “One day, Marcus Winter asked me if I remembered the Toyo dance, and I didn’t know what it was. And he said: “Of course I’ve always been asleep!” So there are wonderful and funny stories from the swamp and they know more than I do.The artist admitted.

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