How to hide ninja mode in two steps

How to hide ninja mode in two steps

With its rapid rise, WhatsApp, which was created in 2009, has brought with it an expansion of its use beyond the personal sphere, also reaching the corporate world. This is because companies have adopted WhatsApp as an effective tool for internal communication, simplifying operations, facilitating the exchange of information, and enhancing direct and immediate communication between co-workers.

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For this reason, WhatsApp is introducing new features to maintain users' privacy in their personal and professional communications. In certain situations, maintaining a low level of attention while writing messages becomes necessary, and the app responds to this demand with effective tricks.

Trick 1: Reply on WhatsApp to get notifications

One simple way to prevent the “typing” indicator from appearing is to reply directly from notifications. This allows users to respond to messages without opening the app, making their responses more confidential and private.

Trick 2: Use Airplane Mode on WhatsApp

Turning on Airplane mode while typing messages is another effective strategy. By temporarily disabling the internet connection, WhatsApp cannot update the “writing” status, ensuring that contacts do not receive this notification while writing messages.

WhatsApp has a new feature: disposable voice messages

WhatsApp recently introduced one-player voice messages. These messages are automatically deleted after listening to them once, providing an additional layer of privacy to conversations.

Unique passwords to hide specific conversations

By implementing secret codes for conversations, WhatsApp provides the ability to create unique passwords to hide certain conversations, increasing privacy and security.

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New jobs in Messenger

Under development, about to introduce a special folder for blocked chats. This function will allow you to hide conversations so that they can only be accessed using a password or biometric data, increasing the level of confidentiality in interactions.

Commitment to privacy

These updates reinforce WhatsApp's ongoing commitment to user security and privacy. With powerful tools like these, users have the power to confidently secure their conversations and information in an increasingly connected world.

News coming soon

Soon, WhatsApp will make the long-awaited option of secret codes for chats and private folder for blocked chats available worldwide, providing more options to ensure privacy while communicating with contacts, strengthening its position as one of the major communication platforms in the world. world .

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