How To Gain Real Followers On Instagram And Grow Your Account

Instagram is the most trending social media platform these days. By using the right strategies, you can start your business to new heights this year. Read below to find out ways you can grow your account and attract organic followers:

Use Branded Hashtags

A custom, dedicated, or branded hashtag permits you to make a compilation of your most likable content so far. When a user, likely to be your follower, finds you through another trending tag, they’ll be bound to follow you after seeing your top posts.

You may likewise consider making a specific branded tag for every one of your Instagram advertising campaigns. At times, this is an exceptional choice since it usually doesn’t sound more promotional than using your existing brand or business name. Thus, these hashtags are regularly used and shared by your followers, which then grabs the attention of their friends, and in case they also have similar interests, they also may follow you.

Use Hashtags Specific to the Industry

It would be best if you had devoted followers keen on what you offer and what you do. Principally, creating tags unrelated to your industry would not bring about as many new followers as you’d expect. That being said, you should create hashtags in your posts that your targeted group would specifically browse.

The more specific hashtags you use, the more interested people you draw in and the higher the possibilities they’ll become your followers. Moreover, employing more precise labels will eliminate the number of contenders competing for the same kind of followers that you’re focusing on. Subsequently, your account will be easier to find and simpler to follow.

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Try Not to Look Boring

When it comes to captions on Instagram, you really want to look past the much-obvious single-word hashtags. Of course, you need those as well, yet stir it up a little and use more descriptive hashtags to tell your story. Be creative and let an Instagram video creator and a picture editor help you. Be amusing, entertaining, or ridiculous but just don’t be plain boring.

Be a Part of Trending Discussions

For each picture, and your post, create a blend of relevant hashtags, for example, #woodcarving for a woodworks organization. In short, just use super-popular hashtags any place you can. But make sure these popular hashtags ought not to make up the majority of your marketing strategy. They draw in a more general crowd, but they do have their legitimate spot in your online media advertising success. Regarding general vs specific hashtags, you really want both to accomplish growth in a place as noisy and crowded as Instagram.

Make your Captions Descriptive

Words usually can’t do a picture justice, yet you can’t just completely ignore the words. For instance, National Geographic did a fantastic job using narrative styled captions for their Instagram posts to create more engagement and sharing. While typical media brands have dropped, NatGeo has flourished across all social media platforms and become one of the top brands on Instagram, with a following of more than 50 million. Like the other Instagram hacks I’ve included here, this is the kind of thing you’ll need to focus on while working into your marketing strategy over the long run.

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