How many kilos did Mayara lose? The singer surprises with the number

How many kilos did Mayara lose?  The singer surprises with the number

Singer Mayara is surprised by her duet with Marissa by revealing how many kilograms she has already lost and the difference she has already noticed in her body.

the singer Mayarafrom the duet with Marissa, is in the process of losing weight and can already see the results on the scale. So much so that she was surprised to reveal the number of kilograms she had recently lost.

In an interview with the writer Leo Dias, Mayara said that she had already lost 23 kilograms and noticed a big change in her body. “I had to improve my self-esteem, today I’m flying and I feel goodShe said, adding:It makes a difference in my work. I love singing and I felt I needed it [emagrecer] For better resistance on stage. It helps good physical fitness, even the vocal cords help“.

Recently, Mayara showed off her slim body when she appeared in a red swimsuit on the beach. At present, the singer is single after breaking up with her short relationship with the singer Matthew Gabriel.

Jojo Tudinho impresses with before and after photos

the singer Jojo Tudinho On Sunday, the tenth of this month, he impressed his followers by comparing photos of his body before and after. After she decided to lose weight, she actually lost 33 kilograms, and decided to show photos to compare the changes in her figure on social media.

The star showed two photos in a bikini. One was taken before her weight loss surgery, and the other photo is more recent after her bariatric surgery. She used to weigh 146 kg and now she weighs 113 kg.

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In the caption, she talked about the new stage in her life and revealed that she does not intend to become very thin. “33 Go with great pride!! I’m sure I made the best choice and I’m on the right path… I live my process (it’s my process, forget it, it’s just me). So-and-so’s result” I don’t care, you’re the one who lives on this scale and your tongue is worried about whether you I have lost weight or not, I have to use it to weigh and put your life on the scale… I have always loved myself and now much more, do not expect a size 38 woman from me, this is what I have never done before and I will be and I don’t even want to respect me, I’m Cavallona “And I alone decide whether to reduce my breasts or my butt. I appreciate the affection and support, but I don’t need your opinion.”“, he wrote.

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