Bia Michelle and MC Gui end engagement after reality show

Bia Michelle and MC Gui end engagement after reality show

Beatriz Michelle used her Instagram profile tonight to announce the end of her engagement to MC Gui – Ex-participant of “The Farm 13” (RecordTV). She stated that the decision was taken with the artist, wishing him success in life.

The dancer claimed that she has been silent for the past few days after funkeiro having a controversial involvement with Aline Mineiro in confinement To absorb what happened and wait for the previous pawn to have a frank conversation.

I waited that time, mainly, because I think it was the most reasonable and rational way I’ve come across, because Guilherme needed to be aware of everything that was going on here. I needed to talk to him before anything else and also, of course, take this time to myself and think about everything.

She confirmed that both of them chose to end the relationship after the controversy and made it clear that she wanted success in the artist’s life.

We decided, it was a decision on both sides, to end our engagement. It won’t be easy, but I always prioritize my safety, and I know it’s best for me […] I wish him all the best, I really do. I will always wish and the life that follows. The topic is closed,” concluded the young woman.

Hours after Beatrice’s statement, MC Gui posted a note in Stories, on Instagram, in which he spoke of the relationship ending due to “events in and out of ‘A Fazenda’ and reinforced his apology to his ex-fiancée. .

welcome. I’m posting these stories here, because I know that many people who go along with me would like to know about my relationship with Pia. After being on the show, things that happened both inside and outside the home also prompted us to rethink our relationship and its continuity. And after a long conversation yesterday, we both decided to end our engagement. Everything is respectful and full of affection. I repeat my apologies to Bea and anyone else I offended, although I also repeat that most people’s explanation is far from the truth of the facts. I remain resolute and strong in my goal, which is one day thanks to God to have a family.

MC Gui and Beatriz Michelle They lived together for two years. the Funkeiro asked the ballerina to participate on August 23 Three weeks later, his participation in thefarm 13″.

The Farm 2021: MC Gui and fiancée Pia Michele

Photo: clone / Instagram

“I gave affection”

After the release of “A Fazenda 2021”, Aline Mineiro spoke about the video that went viral on the social media sites she uses. Quilting with MC Gui in custody.

She explained that she was lying in a position opposite to the pawn on the couch, and that nothing could happen in confinement.

By the time I got up, I got up and put my hand on his leg. I patted his leg and that’s what happened. Aline Mineiro

MC Gui was also asked after leaving the program and He admitted there was a “overtaking” between the two during the reality show. “Excess emotion was the whole point of all of this, do you understand? There were many situations, many lines in there, but I think overreaching might be the cause of all of this,” the singer said.

A Fazenda 2021: MC Gui and Aline Mineiro share a quilt in the living room - Playback / PlayPlus - Playback / PlayPlus

A Fazenda 2021: MC Gui and Aline Mineiro share a quilt in the living room

Photo: Playback / PlayPlus

“A Fazenda 13”: pedestrians who have been eliminated or left the reality of the countryside

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