Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 Pro: The Studio Reveals How To Play

Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 Pro: The Studio Reveals How To Play

The community was eager to see a way to play Forbidden horizon west number PS4Guerrilla Games finally showed off some snippets, but in the Pro version of the console. Several videos of Aloy’s new adventure have been announced in recent months, but the photos were taken in PS5.

To highlight exploration, new features, and battles against Braggarts, the developer has released more details at PS . Blog. Check the result:

In another video for Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 Pro, the Rabots, agile and dangerous enemies, surround Aloy inside the jungle. Watch the match:

An excerpt from Horizon Forbidden West appears on PS4 Pro with new landscapes

To escape the Red Plague, the Otaru tribe moved their facilities to the top of the Old World Tablets. Guerrilla warfare showed the hero walking among the villagers and displaying the quality of detail in place.

Guerrilla Games has also released never-before-seen screenshots of the title, all captured on PS4 Pro. Check out the gallery:

For everyone who’s looking forward to getting the game in and setting out to explore the Forbidden West, we’ve got good news. The studio has already finished developing the title, and is now ready for distribution. See more details here!

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