Hideo wins the test, becomes the owner of the mansion and follows Lucas D'Albo on the television news

Hideo wins the test, becomes the owner of the mansion and follows Lucas D'Albo on the television news

Hideo Matsunaga won the owners' dynamic in the early hours of Friday (24) in A Grande Conquista 2. He has chosen lawyer Lucas D'Albo to take part in the role of the mansion owner this week. “I want to know people’s priorities,” he explained.

The participants competed in the competition after MC Mari's team was eliminated. Lucas De Albo, Joao Haddad and Caio Perrone missed the match, but were drawn for the yellow, purple and green groups respectively.

The trio throws a dice in the faces of the participants, and whoever is drawn can advance one space on the board. Vinigram, Hideo, and Cel Hayashi were the finalists for the competition.

In the second stage of the dynamic, they had to find a special seal with the image of a unique AI among six cups of dark liquid. The Japanese teacher hit the container and became a hero.

Rachel Scheherazade asked him to choose the second big shot. The broadcaster asked: “Don’t forget that with position comes results. One of the owners will have immunity, and the other is a prisoner in the danger zone. Who will be the owner with you?”

“What I'm going to do is going to be a little daring. Up until this point I've been very calm. I'm going to try to move the game in a way that makes me imagine the sides of the house.” “I want to know people's priorities. I call it de Albo,” he said.

Back at the palace, the two talked about who would be taking them to the wards and how the tasks would be divided. The nutritionist also asked the singer why he chose it.

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“I want to understand this game, I'm completely out of it,” Hideo said. “You like people on both sides,” Lucas commented. “I'm lost, and I don't know who really puts me as a priority,” admitted the lawyer, who made it clear that he considers De Albo to be neutral in the game.

After that, the luxury room guests were announced and tasks were distributed. Hideo Tati invited Pink and Perino Pavarini, while Liziane Gutierrez was Lucas's chosen one.

Breno and Tati were responsible for cleaning and tidying the kitchen. Fernando Sampaio and Will Rambo will take charge of the outside area. Edline Barbosa and Caio will share interior zone duties.

Watch the moment:

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