Juliet is accused of plagiarism again after announcing the cover of a new song

Juliet is accused of plagiarism again after announcing the cover of a new song

Netizens described Juliet’s new cover as plagiarism

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Singer and former BBB Juliet It is being targeted Accusations of plagiarism again. After publishing Cover of your new song, which will be released on Thursday, 30th of this month, some netizens pointed out a similarity with the image of the duo Anavitoria. The launch is a partnership with singer Natan.

But Juliet herself posted on her Instagram that the cover was inspired by the work Comfort energyperformed by Marina Abramović and Ulay, in 1980. In the reinterpretation, Juliet is shown pointing an arrow at Natan, who is holding the poles of a bow.

Accusations of plagiarism were not unanimous. Fans of the singer recognized the inspiration in the work of Marina Abramović and did not find any problem with the resemblance to the image of Anavitoria. Check out some of the posts made on X (formerly Twitter) below:

This is not the first time Juliette has been accused of plagiarism. Most recently, a campaign starring her with Duda Beat, of Budoku, was canceled following similar accusations. a path Yellow magic It has been identified as similar to yellowby Emicida, including visual resources used in promotion.

Furthermore, singer Manu Javasi pointed out that there are many similarities between the music video I hardly dateA partnership between Juliette and Marina Sina with the aesthetics of her project Nice2021.

Previously, the Boogarins pointed out similarities in the names of songs on Juliette’s debut album.

Juliet responds to criticism after being accused of plagiarism: ‘The Internet court has begun’

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