Henrique Fogaça is hospitalized after collapsing on the recording of “MasterChef”

Henrique Fogaça is hospitalized after collapsing on the recording of "MasterChef"

Chef Henrique Fogaça, one of the judges MasterChef Brasil’s gastronomic reality show, presented by Band, had to be taken to the hospital after collapsing during the recording of the program on Friday (30). He suffered from hypotension and fell off one of the stages in the reality show scene. With that, the chef had a shallow wound on his head.

According to the site pop tv, the jury was taken to Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo. He was assisted by the squad’s medical team, who chose to take him to the health unit. The recordings of the attraction, which appear every Tuesday, have been interrupted. The radio reported that Fogasha was undergoing “standard tests”.

Friday’s reality show recordings were canceled and they have no set date for their resumption. Also, according to behind-the-scenes information, the chef was taken to the hospital unconscious. Colleagues Eric Jaquin, Helena Rizzo, presenter Ana Paula Padrao and those present at the recording were amazed at what happened.

Also, according to TV Pop, the band decided to end recordings due to the absence of a judge. The reality show participants were only told what happened hours later, after they had already been fired.

Chef Henrique Fogaça suffered a fall during MasterChef Brasil tapings on Friday. The juror sustained a superficial wound to his head and was immediately treated by the squad’s medical team. He is fine and has been transferred to Albert Einstein Hospital, where he is undergoing the usual examinations. Friday registrations cancelledThe band said in a note.

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According to columnist Flávio Ricco, from portal R7, the incident with Henrique Fogaça should not affect the progress of the current season of MasterChef Brasil, as the reality records are far ahead. the The new season of Culinary Reality will premiere on July 6 It gathers about 20 amateur chefs.

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The band’s reality show had the worst audience ever among all the other releases. MasterChef scored just 1.8 points in the first minutes of his start. Even indicators have improved, but slowly. The program peaked at 3.1 points, but the reality show by Ana Paula Padrao closed with an average of 2.5 points, the lowest debut in the program’s history.

Three weeks after his debut, MasterChef shows no signs of improvement. On the episode that aired Tuesday night (27), the band’s reality show once again disappointed and recorded another drop in ratings. According to figures from the TV Pop portal, the program scored only 2.2 points on average.

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