“helps a lot” · TV news أخبار

"helps a lot" · TV news أخبار

Mago Coutinho He has spoken about the extensive work he has been doing behind the scenes and in presenting Jornal Hoje due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Globo TV news anchor, the spokeswoman spoke about the effects of bad news on her personal life and revealed her secret formula for not being scared. “It helps a lot,” she said, referring to her meditation practice and therapy.

She commented during her post: “With the pandemic, we have stood in full swing on this issue of illness, almost every day such bad news has changed the way I protect myself from this news at the end of the journey.” In Babu on Monday, from GNT.

The journalist highlighted that intense contact with unpleasant information makes her seek to analyze how best to deliver certain news to the viewer, so as to remain steadfast in her ultimate goal: to inform.

“It’s 80 minutes of newspapers, and a lot of it talks about the pandemic, because the truth is on our doorstep. How do you do it in a way that doesn’t get cheesy? Because you can’t get into this news the way I can. It breaks down every time, and also in a way that doesn’t look like I Too far, and I don’t care about the situation. It’s too hard, every day is a day, every day is a way [de lidar] And every day beats somehow [diferente]. “These are difficult times,” he said.

Dealing with countless bad news on a daily basis, Magoo revealed that he was looking for formulas to keep his balance despite a difficult time. “I meditate, I think it helps a lot. I do therapy, I treat mental health I think is very important,” the announcer said.

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Check out an excerpt from the interview below:

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