“Few people beside me”

“Few people beside me”

Actress Bella Campos revealed that she was depressed in 2023

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Actress Bella Campos took to social media to reveal that she struggled with depression last year. She said that she felt isolated, and that the situation was not revealed to the majority.

“Not many people know, but I was suffering from depression from the beginning to the middle of last year, and very few people were there for me at the time, and I didn't have anyone in my family or many friends around me,” he wrote.

“Some people thought it was an exaggeration or just that I was tired from so much work, but the truth was that it was terrible. I couldn't feel any kind of emotion. I lived in constant anxiety. I was apathetic, famous: weak.” He continued: “Lame and lame!” Bella Campos.

The actress said that she is recovering, and that she did not give up on herself even in the worst moments. “[…] “I will live my life as I see fit, pay my bills, take care of my family, do my job well and enjoy all my accomplishments.”

In the comments, fans and friends showed their support for the actress. “I understand you so much my love, you are the light of a woman!! Shine!!! I love you,” Britta Gill wrote.

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