‘He died hugging me’ · TV News

‘He died hugging me’ · TV News

Alexandre Rossi, Pitt’s doctor, provided details about Estupina’s final moments during Domingo Espetacular. She, who died on Wednesday (20) due to a nail infection, was the most followed pet in the world on social media. “He died holding me,” the animal technician said.

Talk to Carolina Ferraz this Sunday (24th). “When I adopted her, her fur was messy, even a bit dirty, and it looked like burlap. How could I make it more affectionate? So I added burlap,” he explained.

“She died hugging me. I felt her heart getting weaker and weaker. She looked at me, and I noticed her. I thought it was the best way to end the relationship,” he lamented.

Rossi also said the grief over the loss of the mascot goes far beyond what people can imagine. He noted that he adopted it during a report on Domingo Espetacular:

It’s very exciting to talk about this, because on that very day I knew that a very special adventure would begin, and that we would touch a lot of people. I wanted to choose a companion, but also be a role model for people. I wanted to adopt a stray.

The animal behaviorist said he thinks of Estopinha every time he wanders outside his building. She continued: “I can’t look here without imagining her playing with her brothers. She was a great explorer, she wanted to live, see places, have fun and run.”

Rossi still has two more dogs and a cat, which he took to Istopina’s wake:

Just in case, because I don’t know how much instinct I prepared them for, but I took them to the funeral, and I let them smell them. They paid attention, and the smell was definitely different. As a scientist, I know I was being quite emotional, but I felt like they understood.

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