Harry tried to contact William before leaving for England: 'It's very sad'

Harry tried to contact William before leaving for England: 'It's very sad'

Prince Harry and Prince William recently visited the United Kingdom during the Duke of Sussex's trip to see King Charles III amid reports of his cancer diagnosis, sparking speculation of a estrangement between the brothers.

A Buckingham Palace source said Prince Harry, 39, has made no secret of his desire to reconcile with his brother and has tried to talk to Prince William, 41.
“There were no plans” to meet at the time.

The source also suggested that the Prince of Wales' “main concern is his wife”, Kate Middleton, who is recovering from stomach surgery; Harry only spent 24 hours in his home country visiting his father, not seeing his brother's family.

“It's normal to see your brother-in-law who's had serious surgery, and your nieces and nephews, the family,” says Catherine Meyer, author of the biography Charles: The Heart of a King to People. “Domestic torture is an open wound. There is a deep gap there,” he added.

Faith continues to be a concern for the future monarch after a biography of the Duke of Sussex, according to the biographer, was published in a behind-the-scenes telling of the royal family.

Queen Camilla made a deliberate effort to stay in the room while Harry was gone with his father for about 30 minutes. “Of course he wants Harry to come back as the bad boy, and he'd be very happy if William and Harry were friends again. But he realizes that's not going to happen anytime soon.

According to Robert Lacey, another official royal biographer, “It has to do with William's desire to protect the institution of the monarchy, in which he feels Harry cannot be trusted. I don't think William will agree to let Harry back into the family unless Harry clearly apologizes and moves forward.

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