Harry Styles is the richest artist in the UK under 30; See full ranking! | Pop

Harry Styles is the richest artist in the UK under 30;  See full ranking!  |  Pop

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Harry Styles There is a lot to celebrate. In addition to the release of their new album, ‘Harry’s house’It took place on Friday, the 20th, and he was cited by the UK press as the richest British artist in his 30s, valued at around 100 100 million. ⁇

See full ranking:

  1. Harry Styles – 100m
  2. Dua Lipa & Little Mix (Tight) – 60m
  3. Niall Horan – 52m
  4. Louis Tomlinson – 48 million
  5. Liam Payne – 44k
  6. Jane Malik – 36 million
  7. Sam Smith – 34 million
  8. Stormzy – 26m
  9. Louis Cabaldi – 19 million

Coming to add to this luck and this good phase, the singer’s new album is rarely released and is already making rounds. ‘Diario de Porto’ on the podcast, Jessica Greco And Leandro Nego Explore ‘Harry’s House’ and Praise the Artist:

“Nobody came to say nothing! This is the best job of his career. Not that others are not surprised, but he is gradually evolving. I am in awe of this work! I think it will be the best album of the year, “Neko notes.

“If you listen to ‘Fine Line’ and then listen to ‘Harry’s House’, it’s clear that it’s a creative sequel, it’s only on a different level.”Jessica explains, to which he adds: “We always talk about how hard it is for an artist to outdo himself on a great album, and it’s so strange that he did it in the first place and reached this third place with this musical quality, you can see this evolution. ”.

Harry Styles ‘Harry’s House’ Album Cover – Photo: Breeding

The editors of ‘Diário de Bordo’ also comment on the cover of the work: “She has the face of a record card you’ve seen in a few years, she’s very marked. Iconic record card”Analyzes Jessica.

Beyond success ‘As it was’, The viral TikTok has already hit Nego, “The Biggest Song of the Year”The British’s third album features several new songs, such as ‘Music for a Sushi Restaurant’ and ‘Madilda’.

Listen to the full podcast ‘Diário de Bordo’ and the full analysis by Jeska Grecco and Leandro Neko:

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