Harry Potter fans can create environmental problem in UK; Understand

Harry Potter fans can create environmental problem in UK;  Understand

Fans of history Harry Potter He built a tomb for Toby at the same place where the character in the film was buried Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1.

In honor of the beloved House Elf, the site was built on Freshwater West Beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

However, the situation seems to be getting out of hand a little bit An environmental problemFrom, in addition to the painted stones, fans also take Socks.

In history, elves were freed when they received a robe from their masters, which is why Toby was freed – when Harry put a sock in a book that Lucius Malfoy mistakenly gave him.

Echoing the issue, a poll was conducted by the National Foundation, according to the Rolling Stone magazine website. National Trust for Historical Interests or Natural Beauty in the UK.

Toby Released in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Reproduction)

The purpose was to get people to answer whether Toby’s ‘grave’ should remain there or be moved elsewhere.

According to Victoria McLean, the place should remain the same because it is symbolic, however, some things may change, Do not leave socks on, Although they have a meaning.

He told the BBC:

“Wearing new pants is beautiful, but after a while This sock is probably covered in all sorts of things. As for the pebbles, some people went their own way to paint some of them in order to pay homage to one of their favorite characters, which is so cute.

Victoria also commented that although local authorities have decided it is time to remove the tomb from there, she hopes the fans will find it. To be placed elsewhere.

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The organization in charge of the group commented that the aforementioned beach now receives more tourists and visitors than ever before, which creates the need to build an infrastructure to attract more people.

“A study is underway to better understand the issues and consider options for a sustainable future for the freshwater west, including the grave. dobby. One of the options we saw in the research was to move the monument to a suitable place accessible to the public, ”they said.

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