Curious donkey with ‘zebra legs’ born at UK zoo

Curious donkey with ‘zebra legs’ born at UK zoo

This animal is the most dangerous on the planet and was recently born in a zoo

An African wild donkey was born at Marvell Zoo in Hampshire, England. Most Endangered Species of the world. This phenomenon renews the prospects for the survival of this animal, which a dumb With “zebra legs”.

Native to Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia, African wild donkeys (Equus africanus) are characterized by their light gray coat, a single black stripe on the spine, and horizontal stripes on the legs. Marks of the Zebra.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) classifies the African wild ass as Endangered. It is believed that Less than 200 people These species live in nature.

The new birth, an as-yet-unnamed male cub, was born on August 20 at Marvel Zoo. Zookeepers described him as having “awkward legs” and “floppy ears”. The calf shares its enclosure with its mother Nadifa. As with other horse breeds, the foal was bred shortly after birth and was soon running at high speeds.

Impact relationships

A curious neighbor, the dangerous addax deer (Addax nasomaculatus), took a particular interest in the energetic young cub. He spent a long time watching the run from his own enclosure, separated by a nearby fence, he said. IvesAccording to Live Science, one of the caretakers.

In order to bond with baby Natifa, the baby’s father, Lars, is temporarily relocated. In natural environments, the bond between a foal and its dam is critical to the survival and well-being of the offspring. While in captivity, the guards search To promote a bond Similar between the two.

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This Nadifa’s third son Lars becomes a father for the fifth time. Nadifa was born at Marvel Zoo in 2007 to parents who have lived there since 1993. This birth at the zoo renews her hope. Conservation of this species Unique and dangerous.

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