Harry has signaled his return to the UK with Megan, Archie and Lilliput

Harry has signaled his return to the UK with Megan, Archie and Lilliput

In 2021, Prince Harry visited the kingdom twice. First, he attended the funeral of his paternal grandfather, Prince Philip, in April. In July, the Duke of Sussex attended the unveiling of a statue of his mother, the late Princess Diana. At times, the press made many speculations as to whether Megan Markle would come with her husband. Apparently, the Duchess of Sussex is going back to the Queen’s land.

Megan has not set foot in England since the abdication of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in March 2020, senior positions in the British Crown. According to state expert Duncan Larcombe, Harry’s police protection request is coming soon, he plans. Traveling with his wife of 2 years and seven months and children Archie and Lilliput.

Okay in an interview! The magazine analyzed the Larcombe situation: “This is a huge indication that he plans to bring his entire family to the UK. Unless it is an urgent problem, he will not try to solve it with immediate effect. According to experts, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not stay permanently on the Queen’s land, but will spend considerable time there.

“It’s not that Harry’s all put pressure on police security for the chance to come to the UK, it’s part of their plan to return now, not permanently, but for the first time since they left as a family,” said an expert on the problems of the Windsor dynasty.

Harry and Megan’s last royal engagement in March 2020


On Saturday (15/1), the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s legal representative revealed that Harry had filed a petition for judicial review against the Home Office’s decision not to authorize the payment of private security while in the UK. The spokesman said the prince considered the European country “his home” and wanted his children Archie and Lilliput to know where their father was born.

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Prince Harry, Megan Markle and Queen Elizabeth
Duke and Duchess of Sussex with Queen Elizabeth II. The couple is no longer part of the royal family

The note explains why the Duke of Sussex believes it is essential to have personal protection for himself, his wife and children in the UK: “Prince Harry was born with a lifelong security risk. He ranks sixth on the throne, has served in two wars in Afghanistan, and in recent years his family has been subjected to well-documented neo-Nazi and extremist threats.

The Lord of Sussex failed to cover private security costs while in the UK so as not to place too much burden on British taxpayers. However, the Interior Ministry did not approve the move. “Without such protection, Prince Harry and his family would not be able to return home,” said Queen Elizabeth’s grandson’s representative.

Prince Harry and Megan Markley
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex abdicate in March 2020

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