Harry 'devastated' King Charles can't meet him in England: 'Everyone knows the real reason'

Harry 'devastated' King Charles can't meet him in England: 'Everyone knows the real reason'

After being insulted by his father While visiting England, Harry is said to have been deeply hurt by his father, Charles III. Although the prince issued a note saying that he 'understood his majesty's custom of dedication', he did not, in fact, feel so, for the reasons for the refusal were known to all.

Harry was there He celebrated the 10th anniversary of the 'Invictus' marathon in his home country. Although they were very close to each other, about 3 km away, Charles did not try to find his son – which created controversy among fans of the British royal family.

The Prince arrived and issued a statement on the matter: “In response to the many questions and ongoing speculation as to whether or not the Duke will be in England this week, unfortunately due to his busy schedule it is not possible. majesty The Duke, of course, understands his father's schedule and many priorities and looks forward to seeing him soon,” Harry's spokesperson said.

As stated therein Subject matter expert Tom Quinn, a member of the royal family, Harry was completely shocked Father refuses to see him Even for a moment. “This time the rejection hurt because it was so public. Harry could have issued a statement explaining that he completely understood why his father didn't have time to see him, but everyone knew it had nothing to do with the King's busy schedule.”

While Harry was in London, Charles was on a tight schedule. He hosted Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in a weekly meeting and visited army camps. She also hosted a garden party at Buckingham Palace and did not invite her son.

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