Hades is the first game in history to win the Hugo بجائزة

Hades is the first game in history to win the Hugo بجائزة

Isaac Asimov’s novel “The End of Eternity”, the “Star Wars” films, “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” and the game “Hades” share now: they have all received the Hugo Prize, one of the main prizes in the world of fantasy and science fiction. Supergiant game, full of beings and gods from Greek mythology, It was the highlight of this year’s awards, when it became the first video game to feature the figurine.

The game that competed alongside games like “Our Last: Part 2”And Final Fantasy VII Remake e “Spiritfarer”, Considered the best for this category, it opened at the 2021 Awards. The trophy, which began celebrating only the best literary works since the 1950s, has branched out over the years to also highlight movies, podcasts, fans, and more.

Hades writer and director Greg Cassafin, who was unable to come in person to receive the award, expressed his gratitude to Twitter, sending a message to his family and also to the gods of Olympus, asking them to continue to provide inspiration for thousands of years.

Have you played Hades? Do you think the award was deserved?

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