Haaland’s rise has bragging, short interviews and many goals

Haaland's rise has bragging, short interviews and many goals

rhetoric Hallandiana It was crystal clear minutes after his team won the German Cup in May. After the first title in the midfielder’s career, a journalist wanted him to analyze the game. He wanted to know if he would sleep early that night, for in times of pestilence the crowd was absent.

“The first half was good, the second was m…we were lucky,” he shot a dry tone straight into the can, while showing on his face he couldn’t wait Could you Get out there and celebrate with your buddies.

The celebration culminated when Haaland, bare-shirted, appeared with his teammates during the coach’s press conference to “courtise” him with a traditional beer bath.

In the 2019/2020 season, when he scored 28 goals and seven assists in 22 games for Red Bull Salzburg, Haaland was asked how he felt after becoming the youngest player to score 20 times in the Champions League. He replied, “I feel great.” “nothing else?” replied contrast. “I asked if I was feeling okay and I said yes.” Died!

Another reporter wanted to equalize success. “What is your secret?” “Work hard and… smile,” a reply that made the interviewer throw in the towel.

When he scores, when he assists or even when he steals and needs to watch the game from the podium, Haaland is 1.94m of pure passion for football. He nods wildly and mumbles words that even lip-readers can’t decipher. What are the quotas for journalists? he is Banquet shows for photographers.

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