Gustavo Lima speaks after controversy over concert fees in Roraima

Leo Dias

In a statement sent to the LeoDias column on Thursday (5/25), the Gusttavo Lima team spoke about The investigation by the Ministry of Public Roraima (MPRR) after the singer received 800,000 Brazilian reals from the city of São Luiz To do a show in the city. The singer’s legal team commented, “We do not agree with the offenses committed by representatives of public authority, either in any field.”

Read the note:

“Note to the press

BALADA EVENTOS, the company representing the artist GUSTTAVO LIMA, through its attorney CLÁUDIO BESSAS, explains that:

The artist’s fee is determined by internal criteria, based on the national scenario, such as: logistics (air transportation, ground transportation, etc.), the type of event (private or public performance), as well as the company’s operating costs and expenses for the art show, among other factors.

We do not agree with the offenses committed by representatives of public authority, either in any field.
All contracts with an artist by federal public entities are based on legality, that is, in accordance with what defines the tender law.

With regard to the budget for the realization of a “technical offer”, it is up to the federal public entity to act responsibly in its implementation. It is not up to the artist to check the public accounts to see what budget the CEO is using to pay for the contract.

Examination of public accounts is carried out by the following bodies: TCU (Court of Federal Accounts or TCE (State Court of Accounts), in accordance with their powers, whether at the federal, state or municipal levels.

Therefore, any legal violation committed by public bodies, whether in contracting technical offers or any other form of contracting with the private sector, must be examined by the Audit Bureau, and if any violation is found, it must be referred to the competent court for judgment illegal act. Finally committed. “


The agency, through the São Luiz Public Prosecutor’s Office, is requesting information from the municipality on how the money will be collected and also whether there will be a return for the residents.

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The attorney general’s office did not say when the investigation would begin, but said the city had been given 10 days to respond. The show will take place in DecemberPresented by the ambassador duo Cesar Menotti and Fabiano and singer Solange Almeida.

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