GTA San Andreas is being remade from scratch by fans; Watch the video

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While people are disappointed with the end result GTA Trilogy: Ultimate EditionAnd, we have a Reddit user back in the struggle to remake some of these games with his bare hands. The person who registered with the name MapEditorMaster showed how his copy of the files GTA San Andreas:

According to your post and responses in the comments, this is a “remake” of San Andreas You’ll be immune to Take-Two’s quick run because the game is made entirely from scratch in the Far Cry 5 map editor.

MapEditorMaster states that it does not refer directly to a file GTA San Andreas, doesn’t even use game files, and believes that this will be enough to protect the game from overactive Take-Two lawyers. But it’s interesting to remember that something similar happened with levels Amin Abeer 007 This also made in Far Cry 5.

Anyway, if the project can move forward, it’s a good idea to keep in mind the limitations of creating a game within another. Its creator notes that San Andreas will contain elements of the original gameplay, but you can’t repeat everything. The game map will also be somewhat smaller, just a section of the original city, as we can see in the image below. The region to be copied in a “remake” is highlighted in red.

GTA San Andreas region is being recreatedSource: DSOG

While we have no more news of a “remake” San Andreas Made by a fan, players who bought GTA Trilogy finally started Receive group improvements, plus a Apology to Rockstar.

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