Group immunity in the US and UK for short and productive is to be addressed. What are the issues with the vaccine controversy? – Look …

Group immunity in the US and UK for short and productive is to be addressed.  What are the issues with the vaccine controversy?  – Look …

But these restrictions make less sense. Currently one in the United States Stock This vaccine is about 40 million doses of AstraZeneca that you have not administered since it is not yet approved by the US regulators. The United Kingdom, when importing the vaccine, should also drop exports because international trade is not the only option.

The EU is the only one that, despite the slow pace of vaccine administration and dissatisfaction and opposition, has already exported a third of its production. According to several sources, it has already exported 34 million doses worldwide, the majority of which have been exported not only to the United Kingdom, but also to Israel, Chile, Mexico, Canada, Australia and many countries in the Middle East.

Around the world, there is an agreement called the COVAX Initiative to help underdeveloped countries obtain vaccines developed by major pharmaceutical companies. Poor countries get them for free and the rest for free. According to our estimates, even in the most conservative situation, and by the production of major Western pharmaceutical companies alone, about 23% of the population in other parts of the world will be vaccinated by 2021.

The EU is at the forefront of this fruitful endeavor, having already provided 2. 2.2 billion in funding and has agreed to provide it at the expense of its own agreements with pharmaceutical companies for the benefit of Kovacs.

However, China uses its vaccines in a diplomatic race against the epidemic, with President Xi Jinping receiving $ 2 billion worth of vaccines for African countries and $ 1 billion in debt to Latin America and the Caribbean.S. Therefore, we hope that by the end of 2021 the world will be able to sigh from this massive epidemic.

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The Socialist Party cannot fail to insist that the vaccination campaign among us should use simple, transparent and easily controllable priority criteria, while ration vaccines are essential. From the outset, we argued that the priority criterion for people over the age of 60 should be the same criteria as for health professionals. Among us, more than 96% of covia deaths occur in people over the age of 60, so this is the criterion to be used if you want to reduce the risk of death. They cannot be political criteria or interested groups (politicians, security forces, firefighters, teachers, and others) to violate something that public health policy must follow: to reduce the death toll from epidemics.

University Professor of Economics. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, USA. He was a senior economist at the World Bank and an administrator at Banco de Portugal. Headed the Competition Commission

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