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a green land Temperatures in recent days have been between 20 and 30 degrees above average for this time of year, the Danish Meteorological Institute reported Wednesday (22).

Nuuk, the capital of Da green land, recorded 13°C on Monday (20) – versus -5.3°C average for this time of year.

The thermometer was positive at many points in the massive Arctic. The temperature in Kanak in the north was 8.3 °C versus an average of 20.1 °C.

“One of the reasons we see high temperatures is the meteorological phenomenon of ‘foehn,’ which is a very common warm wind on the island,” says Caroline Drost Jensen, a climate scientist at DMI.

However, Jensen noted that it is not normal for this phenomenon to occur in such a vast area and at the same time over a long period of time – although this event is not unprecedented.

In addition, the temperatures recorded this year did not exceed the highest temperature extremes ever recorded or the extremes of the last 30 years for the month of December.

Last summer, a heat wave triggered an episode of “massive” melting of the Arctic Ocean ice sheet, with losses of 8000 tons of ice per day (twice the summer average).

In August, it rains on the highest peak in North America green land (3216 meters), Something never seen before (see video below).

Video: Greenland’s highest point records rain for the first time

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