Green light: The UK should allow autonomous vehicles this year

Green light: The UK should allow autonomous vehicles this year

The United Kingdom can take an important step towards automotive modernization in its region. The Department of Transportation is already working on the possibility of allowing autonomous cars into circulation on the roads of England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland later this year.

According to the decision of the authorities, vehicles capable of guiding the roads and managing to make turns at reasonable speeds while in the alleys will be allowed to roam the streets, of course, a man is ready to take the wheel. In making this decision, the government expects the number of accidents to decrease by 85% over time.

One of the technologies already being tested in the country and elsewhere is the Automatic Longkeeping System (ALKS) or Free Standing Track System. With this system, the car can stay on the traffic lanes and travel at a speed of 60 km per hour from the vehicle.

“This is an important step towards the safe use of autonomous vehicles in the UK, which will make future travel more environmentally friendly, easier and more reliable. But we need to make sure that this amazing new technology is used safely, and that is why we are discussing the rules for operating it,” he said. UK Transport Minister Rachel McLean said.

Autonomous Cars Future in the UK / Image: Breeding / Apple Insider

It is worth noting that we have already evaluated some vehicles that can stay on the road with better capabilities, such as the Jeep Compass Trailhawk and the Volvo XC40, but, unlike ALKS technology, driving cars need to have their hands behind the wheel to adjust the path. However, Volvo, in conjunction with the adaptive automatic pilot, makes turns when leaving the car regardless of speed.

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The UK government estimates that autonomous vehicle technology could create 38,000 jobs by 2035 in a multi-billion dollar industry.

Source: Texplore

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