Great news for Brazilians who have credit in their FGTS accounts

Great news for Brazilians who have credit in their FGTS accounts

The dream of owning a home for millions of Brazilians is approaching with the decision of the federal government. although Use FGTS (Guarantee Fund for the term of service) in Mortgage Is a well-known choice of Brazilians, a new method will be launched soon.

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Now, families will be able to allocate resources that are not yet deposited to increase their ability to pay. This method is called future FGTS or payroll FGTS.

How does FGTS work in the future?

When you purchase your property through the Casa Verde Amarela Program (soon to be Minha Casa, Minha Vida), citizens will be able to include the FGTS balance that has not been deposited by their employer in the accounts. That is: he will be able to count on the amount that will be deposited by his future employer.

As a reminder, the guarantee fund consists of deposits equivalent to 8% of the worker’s salary paid monthly by his boss. This credit can only be redeemed on specific occasions, such as buying a home or being fired without a valid reason, the retirement and others.

Who can use?

According to the information released so far, the option will only be available to families with a gross income of R$2,400, that is, those that make up the first group of the housing program. About 10.9 million people fit this profile, DataZap+ estimates.

To illustrate how it works, see an example: a citizen with an income of R$2,000 today can finance a property in R$450 in installments. If you use future FGTS, the premium will increase to R$600.

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Caixa Econômica Federal must publish the rules for the method still in January and the start of operations is scheduled for April. It is important for workers to assess the risks of compromising a non-existent credit before joining, as well as having a payment plan in place should they be fired.

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