Grande Conquista poll reveals favourite in danger zone; vote now TV News

Grande Conquista poll reveals favourite in danger zone; vote now TV News

Felipe Villas, Jenny, Caio Perrone and Lizian Gutierrez are in the danger zone of A Grande Conquista. One of them will be eliminated on Wednesday (10), before the Prova da Virada, and the other three will compete in the activity to escape the spotlight. Who do you want to stay in reality? Vote in the poll the news At the end of this text.

Before speaking to the participants, Rachel Shahrzad explained how the dynamics of the week will work. She began by saying: “The final stage of the game calls for some surprises. People have no idea what is coming. The four candidates go directly to the popular vote, without having the right to test the transition.”

She added: “Before the challenge, the person with the least votes will be eliminated, while the other three who received the least votes will wipe away their tears in the audition studio.”

At the palace, Scheherazade began the live version by referring to the palace owners. Donna Jenny and Giba targeted Felipe. “Between Felipe and Tati [Pink]I promised, and Felipe knows it, that I promised to prioritize her. “I can lose a million reais, but I will not lose my ethics or my word,” said Jacqueline Grohalski's mother.

“We thought of Hideo's name, but he had very firm positions at home, so we stayed with Rambo and Felipe, but our name is Felipe. I saw some strange movements,” Giba added.

The host then opened the voting in the booth to see which of the owners would be in the spotlight. Jenny got six votes and performed poorly. Through open voting, Lizian and Kayo each got four votes.

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Scheherazade then asked Felipe to reveal the power in his hands. “At the end of the open note, choose two residents to vote again for whomever they want,” the trapped person read, choosing Hideo and Tate Pink to vote again. Hideo voted for Lizian, and Tate targeted Lizian.

Surprisingly, Lizian finished the vote with six votes. To take the last spot in the spotlight, Scheherazade announced the dynamics of the remaining spot. Caillou was left behind and ended up in the danger zone.

Who voted for whom?

  • Hideo Vote for Lizian.
  • Come Vote for Lizian.
  • cell Vote for Bruno.
  • Smith Vote for Kayo.
  • Cayo Vote for Lizian.
  • Fernando Vote for Kayo.
  • Will Rambo Vote for Lizian.
  • Felipe Vote for Fernando.
  • Brenno Vote for Kayo.
  • Lizian Vote for Kayo.

Who is your favorite in reality? Vote!

Click here to open the survey.

Poll the news It's not scientific in nature and doesn't directly affect the official score recorded by R7, but it does depict a bias on the part of viewers of A Grande Conquista.

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