Gran Turismo 7 reveals new video highlight scenes mode

Imagem de: Gran Turismo 7 divulga novo vídeo destacando modo Scapes

Gran Turismo 7 Continue to promote game features in short development diary videos. This time it was the Scapes mode that gained popularity, as it showed some images that you will be able to make with the cars you get in the game.

Once again, Kazunori Yamauchi, the game’s creator, narrated the new diary episode. Talking about his habit of taking pictures as a hobby, he comments that whenever he buys a new car, he has an immediate desire to drive to a nice place to take some pictures.

Based on this thinking, Scapes mode is adopted, giving the player a selection of landscapes to position their cars in different ways and use the shooting mode to create compositions. with more than 400 car games, it will certainly be possible to create some very creative and diverse shapes.

Scapes mode has already been used in Gran Turismo Sport According to Yamauchi, the players’ creativity “exploded to life,” something the game developer was very happy to see.

So it’s no wonder that Scapes mode is back in Gran Turismo 7 When the game is released in March next year. It arrives on the fourth of PS4 and PS5.

More game development episodes are available on its official YouTube channel, Gran Turismo TV.

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