Graciele Lacerda posts an intimate moment with Zezé di Camargo and releases a shocking surprise

Graciele Lacerda posts an intimate moment with Zezé di Camargo and releases a shocking surprise

Graciel Lacerda NS Zizi de Camargo This Wednesday (17) he returned to Sao Paulo after the “É o Amor” cruise that caused a stir. Then, the influencer posted Instagram stories in bed with his compatriot and revealed a somewhat intimate desire to the fitness inspiration’s millions of followers.

Still wants out. What are we going to do today?She said. Then Zizi de Camargo replied:to fall in love. . exclaimed the influencer with a laugh and Luciano’s brother wondered if the bride “believes” in his words.

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After confusion on a cruise, Graciele Lacerda explains herself, taking it in reverse and limiting comments on social media

Last weekend, the long-awaited cruise for the duo took place Zizi de Camargo NS Luciano. However, some cabins were disqualified, passengers were unable to board, and were kept at the port waiting without any explanation. Graciel LacerdaZezé’s fiancée used her Instagram profile to put those hurt by exclusion.

It was Anvisa who canceled some of the cabins. They tried until the last minute that this did not happen. They have done it all. We are all upset about this situation. This happens with other cruises as well, unfortunately.. ‘,” the influencer explained.

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However, one influential follower refuted and said that no one spoke and that they were still waiting at the port to board the plane: “They don’t seem upset. Zezé di Camargo hasn’t shown himself yet! We are in Porto trying to get on board while you are there to enjoy our costs. Total disrespect!‘, said the netizen who was disqualified from the trip.

Last week, Graciele had to refute the comments of the haters who claim she lives on Zezé di Camargo:

Recently, the fitness influencer was accused of being funded by her compatriot, but she refuted the criticism by saying that she has her own money, because she works for him, and also confirmed that she earns well. “If he could afford me, I wouldn’t have any problem coming here and saying “Yes, he will.” I will answer the truth. But, no, he’s not playing with me. Today I have my job, I have my money. Thank God I earn a lot, ” mentioned.

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