Govt-19: The world has reached 1 billion use vaccines

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Within five months of the start of the first mass vaccination campaign in December, anti-Govt vaccines have delivered more than a billion drugs worldwide, according to AFP figures released on Saturday (24). At least 1,002,938,540 drugs have been dispensed in 207 countries or territories, according to estimates from official sources.

More than half of the total (58%) is managed in three countries: the United States (225.6 million), China (216.1 million) and India (138.4 million). But proportionally, it is Israel leading the competition for immunization Six out of ten people have already been vaccinated against the corona virus.

Among the countries with the best vaccination campaigns, the United Kingdom (49% of people received at least one dose), followed by Israel, and the United Arab Emirates (over 51%), United States (42%), Chile (41%), Bahrain (38%), Uruguay (32%).

In the EU, 21% of the population is provided with 128 million doses. The most populous countries in the EU are around the European average: France (20.5%), Germany (22.6%), Italy (19.9%) and Spain (22.3%).

Although 500 million doses were administered four months after the vaccine was started, on March 25, it took less than a month to double that dose.

High income and low income

Importantly, the vast majority of poor countries are already starting to vaccinate their people Thanks to the Kovacs mechanism (WHO, Kavi Alliance and SEBI Alliance), The vaccine is a privilege of “high income” countries (as defined by the World Bank), which provides 16% of humanity, but accumulates 47% of the amount paid worldwide. “Low-income” countries currently account for 0.2%.

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Twelve countries have not yet launched vaccination campaigns: seven in Africa (Tanzania, Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Chad, Burundi, Central African Republic, Eritrea), three in Oceania (Vanuatu, Samoa, Kyrgyzstan), one in Asia (North Korea) and one in the Caribbean (Haiti). ).

Despite the controversy, The The Astrogenega / Oxford vaccine is the most widespread in the world, Administered in three-quarters and territories of vaccinating countries (at least 156 out of 207). The vaccine is Pfizer / Bioendech (at least 91 countries, 44%), Modern (at least 46 countries, 22%), Synoform (at least 41, 20%), Sputnik V (at least 32, 15%) and Sinovac (at least 21, 10%). ).

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