Govt-19: Bahia records 93 confirmed cases of Manas variant and 13 cases in the UK

Govt-19: Bahia records 93 confirmed cases of Manas variant and 13 cases in the UK

According to Sieves, 93 confirmed cases of Manas variant have been reported in the state. Of these, 40 were hospitalized and 29 died. The lawsuits were filed in the municipalities of Amarcosa, Anguira, Bromodo, Camasari, Cibe, Concio do Jacobs, Cruz das Almas, Dias Divila, Fira de Santana, Guanambi, Ilheus, Iresi, Itapuna, Joao Durato, and Juasiro. Friedas, Luis Eduardo Magalheis, Muthoo, Porto Seguro, Retrolandia, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Santa Los, Santo Antonio de Jesus, Sவோo Gonனாலalo dos Combos, Sவோo Sebasti டn do Pos.

About that In the United Kingdom variant, there were 13 confirmed cases in Bahia, two to be admitted to hospital, two deaths to occur. These cases have been identified in Ilhas, Itapetinga, Loro de Freidas, Prado and Salvador.

Chives said the identified types should receive special attention from the general public and the population because mutations have the potential to cause greater spread and severity of the clinical picture of the disease.

The Center for Strategic Information on Health Monitoring stressed the need to adopt and intensify health education and communication activities aimed at guiding the public on the prevention and control of Govt-19.

In addition, Sieves recommended avoiding all non-essential trips, especially to areas where “variations of focus” have been identified, such as B1, Manas, and B.1.1.7, in the UK. There are 31 cities in total. Check it out below:

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