Government condemns Manchester United protest, local police investigate incidents English football

Government condemns Manchester United protest, local police investigate incidents  English football

No decision has yet been made on the match rescheduling or any penalties for Manchester United.

  • United fans invade Old Trafford to protest, the classic against Liverpool postponed

United fans protesting against the club’s US owners, the Glazers, stormed the stadium, which was closed to fans due to coronavirus restrictions. A beacon was launched at broadcast booths, as fans ran into the square and protesters clashed with police outside.

The sit-in was a goal of the club’s Glazer family – Photo: Reuters

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said two officers were injured, and one of them required hospital treatment after he was attacked with a bottle and injured his face.

Emotions are loud in football, but there are ways to protest and make your voice heard without hurting or putting others in danger. We understand the frustration, but the violence of a small minority of fans at Old Trafford yesterday was unacceptable – said Nigel Huddleston, Minister of Tourism and Sports.

Fan protests against the Glazers, which have been occurring since they bought the club in 2005, have been revived since United were involved in trying to create the European Premier League.

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham voiced support for the protesters’ goals, but criticized the violence.

Fans at Old Trafford – Photo: Reuters

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley said it was essential to understand the mood of football fans.

– (We) cannot, we cannot tolerate the images that we have seen of the invasion of the field. But we have to understand the frustrations the fans feel not only with Manchester United, but with so many clubs throughout the match – he said.

GMP assistant president Ross Jackson said the fan behavior was “reckless and dangerous”.

He said, “We have launched an investigation and will work with partners to ensure that all circumstances surrounding the day’s events are identified and those responsible are prosecuted.”

See the protest photos:

Fans managed to cross a police checkpoint – Photo: Reuters

Fans managed to reach the pitch – Photo: Reuters

A sign that says: “You can buy our club, but you cannot buy our hearts and souls” – Photo: Reuters

A fan with a poster insulting United owners – Photo: Reuters

Fans on the runways to the Old Trafford stands – Photo: Reuters

A fan hangs in the net of Old Trafford doubles goals – Photo: Reuters

Fans outside Old Trafford – Photo: Reuters

Fans of green and yellow smoke exploded with United’s two-color symbolism – Photo: Reuters

A large sign calls for the Glazers to leave – Photo: Reuters

The protests erupted hours before the classic match against Liverpool – Photo: Reuters

Hundreds of fans protested on Sunday – Photo: Reuters

A track celebrates the departure of Ed Woodward at the end of the season – Photo: Reuters

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