British target tests positive for covid-19 virus and is out of the Tokyo Olympics

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Shooting athlete from Great BritainAnd the Amber HillOn the list of athletes infected with the Covid-19 virus. Quote to win the competition in the sport at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, Britons were forced to withdraw from the competition after they tested positive for the new coronavirus. Hill said he did not develop any symptoms after testing before leaving the UK, which he did not.

“After five years of training and preparation, I was very sad to say that last night I tested positive for covid-19, which means I had to give up the Great Britain shooting team,” she lamented. “There are no words to describe how I feel right now.” The 23-year-old confirmed that she will self-isolate as per government guidelines.

Head of the British delegation to the Tokyo Olympics, Mark EnglandHe warned that everyone should prepare for what would be an “uneasy journey”. Newspaper Watchman It reported that six runners from the British sports team had to self-isolate after coming into close contact with a passenger on the flight to Japan.

Despite the bad news, the head of the delegation promised that the country could finally celebrate a successful campaign. “It will not be an easy journey, but it will be exciting and fun and there will be some memories that I am sure will live for a long time,” said the confident England team.

He further stated that the Great Britain team has nearly 800 athletes and support staff in Japan, all of whom are in good health. So far, no member has tested positive for COVID-19 in Tokyo, which, according to England, is evidence of confidence in the virus containment measures taken by the delegation. To avoid contact with members from other countries outside the Olympic Village, few Britons are expected to attend the opening ceremony on Friday. Only 30 athletes from six sports consider this possibility.

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The head of the delegation stressed that anyone who needs isolation due to possible contact with an infected person will not be removed from the competitions when they start. Finally, avoid setting a medal target for the country.

England concluded: “Many people have lost their lives, many people’s livelihoods have changed.” He added, “We are now maturely representing the hopes and aspirations of millions and millions of people back home.” The International Olympic Committee confirmed that so far, 71 cases of coronavirus are linked to the Tokyo Olympics.

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