Google Store app infects more than 500,000 Android phones

Google Store app infects more than 500,000 Android phones

Android users who have downloaded a file Google Play Store App Their cell phones got infected with the virus Joker. According to a recent report by security firm Pradeo, more than 500,000 mobile phones have downloaded the tool to their devices.

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The app in question is colorful message, advertised in the virtual store as a platform that allows users to customize SMS messages via their mobile phones. However, soon a tool Installed on the device, the Joker starts.

Check out the tool’s announcement on the Google Play Store:


Once the Joker virus is integrated into the cell phone system, it starts simulating clicks on malicious ads to generate revenue for its consoles. In addition, the application can also have victims subscribe to the premium SMS services of Money theft and fraud.

All this happens through a server in Russia, which contains all the details of the contact list of the mobile device. Negative reviews in the online store show that the tool actually charges without the person signing up for or using the app service.

With the app’s dangers discovered, the security company’s report recommends users who have downloaded Color Message immediately to uninstall the tool from their mobile phone or any other Android device.

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