Google Pixel 6 leaked from all angles days before the announcement

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NS google browser Adopt a different strategy for the smartphone line Google Pixel 6: months before the launch of the device and its details, She herself confirmed her existence He continued to flaunt the look of the model, minimizing the impact of leaks from renders and prototypes.

But that doesn’t mean that kind of practice is over: infusion expert Evan Blass, and Tweet embed, got access to the new smartphone photo package, which shows the model from different angles and use it in everyday situations.

The images confirm that the Pixel 6 is indeed a more drastic change in design than previous models – starting with the rear camera design, and now in a landscape configuration.

The bezels were thinner, leaving the device with a more elegant look.

Unlike the Pixel 5a, which was the company’s latest mobile version, the secret hole in the screen for placing the central image sensor was on the left.

Interestingly, the leaks only concern the traditional Pixel 6. A Pixel 6 Pro model will also be shown and its profile pictures may appear soon.

Pixel 6 will be officially revealed by the company On October 19, 20212 p.m. (Brazilian time). stay tuned TechWorld To know all about the version.

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