Google Photos makes it easier to access your secret folder on mobile phones

Google Photos makes it easier to access your secret folder on mobile phones

Accessing your Google Photos secret folder is now easier. This week, The password protected gallery has been moved to the personal library..

Traditionally, Locked Google Photos Folder Hide Under the “Management” section. The site has made the feature more discreet, making protection more suitable for protected media.

However, access was complicated and The “Manage” section was never useful within the app.Now, the section is no longer there, as most of its functions have been moved to a submenu marked with a “+” (Sum) in the upper right corner.

Your secret Google Photos folder is no longer secret.Source: Igor Alminara/Techmundo

The locked folder can be accessed from the grid area at the top of the library. The buttons now include Favorites, Locked, Archive, and Trash.

This secret redesign of Google Photos was found in version 6.89 of the Android app and also in the latest version of the app on iOS.

password protected folder

Hey Google Photos launched Secret Folder in June 2021This feature allows you to hide media (photos, videos, GIFs) from the shared gallery in a password or biometrics protected folder.

For a long time, the new feature stored photos exclusively on the device, but Secret Folder got cloud sync years later. Now, photos saved in Secret Folder can be viewed on another device.

With this new feature, protected photos and videos will only be visible through identity verification, but The folder will not be as secret as it was before..

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