Google Maps announces the end of the important feature; know more

Google Maps announces the end of the important feature;  know more

Hey Google Mapsknown for its precise navigation and guidance tools, is about to undergo a major change.

After announcing, in 2022, the removal of “Car Mode” in the app, “Driving Mode” – a more compact version – is also scheduled to disappear on Android by February 2024.

Previous changes and current scenario of Google Maps

Assistive Driving Mode in Maps offers a home page with features like music, podcast, and news suggestions, as well as providing maps, driving directions, and message shortcuts.

This function was later replaced by “Driving Mode”, a secret bar at the bottom of the screen that provides quick access to features such as the virtual assistant and services. flow In a more precise way.

2024 Forecast: The end of “driving mode”?

According to 9to5Google, Driving Mode is also expected to disappear in the coming months.

This could mean major changes to the app's interface and functionality, especially when it comes to shortcuts and guidance provided while driving.

The app's “Driving Mode” interface – Image: 9to5Google/Reproduction

Speculation about the future of Google Maps suggests that it could be reduced to a home screen containing the map and visual directional resources, such as directions to follow.

However, clear details about the planned changes have not yet been published.

More about Google Maps

Google Maps, a search and visualization service for maps and satellite images of the United Arab Emirates Landprovides travel routes by car, bike, public transport and on foot, as well as interactive 360-degree images (Street View) and detailed information about businesses.

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Since its launch, the app has evolved, incorporating tools for offline downloading, syncing searches between devices and the ability to Companies Register their information to be found by users.

It is still unknown how these changes will affect the user experience on Google Maps, but the updates are expected to bring a new dynamic to navigation, even if it means the end of familiar features for users.

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