Globo cut off Jessilane’s complaint about the BBB 22 finale on Day 101; Check out TV news

Globo cut off Jessilane's complaint about the BBB 22 finale on Day 101;  Check out TV news

This Friday (29) has a video in it Giseilan Alves It seems to complain about the end BBB 22 Create a thread on Twitter. Recording was cut off by reality show editing, and only a small part Aired on Zia 101shown to the public at Globo Thursday night (28).

In the original scene the teacher complains about Arthur Aguiar’s victory He criticizes the fact that the actor won the title of Big Brother Brasil 22, even though he was feuding over the cash prize with two black men. [Douglas Silva e Paulo André Camilo]”.

“It’s not worth stressing about this, everyone already knows what happened, but this is it: I think the others deserved to get to the final, not the way it happened. For example, six men in the final, I think it was a situation that has never happened in the history of BBB. This reflects the society we are in,” says the biologist in part of the cutting excerpt.

“To get to the final with six men and no women… To get to the final with two black men and one white guy, and that guy wins… There are many contexts that make me think that someone else deserves him. The win and not him,” she adds.

In addition to Jessi, Gustavo Marsengo also appears in the original version of the video and complains about the percentages he received, by Jade Picon and Linn da Quebrada on the walls of the season: “I’m looking for 71% of the rejection I have there, I think Lina is looking for it too with 77″ %, and I think that’s good too.”

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On Twitter, some fans of the show questioned why the network chose to cut the scene. User Nikolas wrote: “Globo cut this here yesterday, but they shouldn’t. I breathed too much! @a_jessilane, thanks for talking, thanks for not being afraid, proud of you and rooting for you, woman, I love you,” user Nykolas wrote.

Netizen Tiago wondered, “More sense than @a_jessilane here, impossible, and why did Globo only cut that part?”

According to the report, Globo did not comment on the matter until the publication of this text.

The scene is shown to the public

In the version that aired Thursday night (28), Giseilan was featured criticizing Arthur’s win on the reality show.

Arthur raised the flags so many times about going to the wall so many times, DJ [Douglas Silva] He climbed the wall eight times, managed to reach the final and was not a champion. It’s a story that I think is more relevant, and a lot more participatory than Arthur’s story,” the teacher commented.

But his fans [do Arthur] He was very powerful and ended up eliminating people who were also strong, like Lina. [Linn da Quebrada]like Gustavo, like me, like [Pedro] Scooby,” Jesse concluded.

Thaddeus then asked if Arthur would like to respond. Unlike in the games of discord, where the former rebel took the opportunity to make his speeches, this time the hero preferred to remain silent. “Unnecessary, that’s her opinion. It’s okay,” he belittled.

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