Giovanni announces his decision after the DNA result

Giovanni announces his decision after the DNA result

Giovanni announces his decision in Elas por Elas – Reproduction / TV Globo

In the following chapters of Elas por Elas, Isis (Rayssa Bratilieri) takes the initiative to steal genetic material and secretly conduct a DNA test. With the negative result, Giovanni (Felipe Bragança) introduces the activist as his girlfriend, causing Helena (Isabel Teixeira) to feel bad..

Just when she was about to give in to her crush, daughter Adriana (Thalita Carota) discovered that her mother was engaged to Jonas (Mattheus Solano) and that the businessman could be the rebel’s father.

Isis then breaks into Sergio’s (Marcus Caruso) apartment, steals Giovanni’s comb and toothbrush and sends them to a lab to conduct a genetic comparison between the two.

To the joy of the young couple, the result will be negative. The activist is the one who breaks the news to the magical boy and he accepts it. After reaching an agreement, Helena’s son takes the girl to his home and introduces her as his girlfriend, torturing Helena. paying off!

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In Elas por Elas, Giovanni and Isis begin dating

In the following chapters of Elas por Elas, He manages to collect genetic material from Giovanni and send it to the laboratory secretly to confirm whether the two are brothers or not.

The confusion begins right after the activist overhears Adriana’s conversation with her aunt about Jonas. Before marrying Helena, Sergio’s brother-in-law was engaged to a veterinarian.

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Shortly after the breakup, Isis’s mother discovered that she was also pregnant, as did her friend from college. Therefore, she cannot say whether the girl’s father is a businessman or not.

An activist interested in Giovanni struggles with the possibility that the two are brothers. To resolve the suspicion, she breaks into the playboy’s house, steals her comb and toothbrush and sends them to the laboratory.

Even before the outcome is known, Isis thinks it best to talk about her doubts to Jonas’ son. These will be days of agony for the young couple who are falling in love with each other at this stage.

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Days later, the rebel confirmed that she was not the businessman’s daughter and ran to tell her the news. The joy will be so great that the young man grabs Giovanni and kisses him, making their relationship official.

Afterwards, Sergio’s grandson will make sure to introduce Adriana’s daughter to the family as his girlfriend, torturing Helena, who dies due to the vet’s jealousy over Jonas.

The scene in the episode is scheduled to air on October 16.

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