Carlinhos Maia on Simone and Simaria: “Stop these things”

Carlinhos Maia on Simone and Simaria: "Stop these things"

Carlinhos Maia commented on Simaria’s decision to unfollow him on Instagram That same night, the singer also stopped following Simon and some other celebrities. The digital influencer’s statement was delivered during his participation in Poccast, by Lucas Guedez and Rafa Uccmann.

Carlinhos Maya talked about the relationship with the sisters and pointed out the differences between them. The influencer praised the singers and noted that Simaria, in fact, has a more intense personality and provides more energy for work.


“Both are great. Simaria has her personality, she cares and works. She really produces songs, she really produces everything, she really strives, she goes… I think she misses people who look at her and say, “Damn, this girl is this.” So I guess she gets it wrong sometimes by talking all the time about how awesome she is, you know? Simon is that kind of patient who just wants to make her money. She doesn’t care, she doesn’t care about the artist, the celebrity, when she goes, she goes because she wants, that’s her thing, ”he noted.

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Carlinhos Maya also expressed his support for overcoming the differences between the sisters and for Cimaría’s return to the stage as soon as possible. “I really hope they stop doing these things. Simaria, my daughter, come back, there are a lot of people who love you,” he said.

“I won’t unfollow you, you have to swallow us up. I love your songs, I like you, you know? I think you’re crazy sometimes,” the influencer joked when talking about Simaria’s decision to unfollow him on Instagram.

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