Giant tortoise disrupts UK trains – Metro World News Brazil

Giant tortoise disrupts UK trains - Metro World News Brazil

The UK public transport system has a global reputation for being very punctual, but this time the trains had to wait a little longer. The reason for that is a giant tortoise He decided to cross the tracks during business hours.

“Due to animals on the tracks at Harling Road (East), the line is blocked and trains passing through this station may be canceled or delayed,” explained rail operator Greater Anglia.

Sounds like an easy mess to solve? Not much: the animal weighed 50 kg, so it was necessary to wait for special help to get the turtle off the tracks.

The case took place last Monday (1), between the cities of Cambridge and Norwich.

Traveler Diana Akers delighted the web by posting a photo of the animal – soon named Clyde. However, the picture showed the small giant tortoise injured.

According to the netizen, Clyde was alive and trying to get off the train tracks. At the time the photograph was taken, it was at the height of Eccles Road.

On Tuesday morning (2), the company provided an update on the case to its Twitter followers.

“We rescued a 50 kg African giant tortoise yesterday from the tracks near Harling Road station after it was hit by a train and damaged its shell. We are happy to report that Clyde is doing well and will be home soon.

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