Germany strengthens controls on Easter and commemorates death of United Kingdom cowboy

Faced with an increase in epidemics and a “more dangerous” variant of Govt-19, President Angela Merkel announced at dawn on Tuesday that the United Kingdom was planning to pay tribute to the dead during Easter.

With 295,425 deaths and more than 12 million epidemics in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, the second most grieving country after the United States, has announced that it will intensify its efforts against the corona virus for Easter.

After nearly 12 hours of talks with the federal states, President Angela Merkel announced that most stores would be closed and that religious services in Germany would be canceled from April 1 to 5.

“The situation is serious, the number of cases is increasing exponentially and the intensive care beds are being refilled,” he warned.

The spread of the Covid-19 virus has caused Germany to enter a “new epidemic … clearly very dangerous, clearly highly contagious and contagious,” he said.

– Was Putin vaccinated? –

Meanwhile, controversy continues over the compatibility of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine in the European Union. Russian President Vladimir Putin began: “We do not impose on anyone.”

Later, the 68-year-old president announced this Tuesday that he “wanted” to be vaccinated.

The Sputnik V vaccine raises suspicions in the West because it was introduced last year before large-scale clinical trials.

However, Putin did not say whether the vaccine – first developed by Russia – or one of the other two that the country has declared fertile, should pay for itself.

The EU is also divided over the tightening of export conditions for vaccines produced in its territory, a move towards AstraZeneca, which has sparked tensions with London, which has made great strides in the immunization campaign.

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27, will meet at a summit on Thursday and Friday, in conflict with the Swedish-British team for far fewer supplies than expected.

Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin has said that the siege will eventually be a “very reactionary” move. London is hopeful that it will not happen.

The controversy centers on a factory in the Netherlands that is still awaiting official EU approval, but both sides claim that Astrogeneka is the future supplier of the vaccine.

– Tribute and Reflection –

The United Kingdom, Europe ‘s most mournful country, commemorates the first anniversary of its imprisonment on Tuesday with “National Reflection Day”, in which parliament observes a minute of silence in memory of the 126,000 killed by Govt.

This tribute will thank the health workers and all the British people for their efforts.

“Whether we all work on the front line as a nurse or caregiver, working on vaccine development and childbirth, helping to get those shots on hand, educating our children at home, or staying at home, the virus is spreading,” said Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

– Measurements in Rio –

Vaccine campaigns have been crucial in the fight to end an epidemic that has killed more than 2.7 million people since its appearance in China in late 2019.

They are also an opportunity to end the locks and restrictions that continue to cripple countries’ economies.

More than 430 million drugs have been distributed worldwide, mostly in rich countries, and many poor states still do not have a single vaccine.

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tetros Adanom Caprais on Monday denounced the “gruesome” vaccine gap, calling it a “moral scandal”.

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But when vaccines are distributed, restrictions are not relaxed.

In Brazil, Rio de Janeiro – which closed its beaches over the weekend – announced ten holidays from Friday 26 to Sunday, April 4, to restrict travel as much as possible.

During this period, only essential businesses will be recognized and there will be night curfews.

“Those ten days are not ten days to celebrate anything, but to respect empathy and life,” declared Rio Mayor Eduardo Pace.

The intensity of the control measures caused tension between Boss and Rio Governor Claudio Castro, who wanted to allow bars and restaurants to open.

“The governor’s revealer! He certainly does not understand the purpose of certain actions,” the mayor tweeted.

Epidemic-related political conflicts do not stop there. On Monday, the governor of Sao Paulo, Joao Toria, called President Jair Bolsanaro a “psychiatrist” who constantly reduced the epidemic, encouraged coordination with his supporters, criticized restrictions on economic activity and raised doubts about the effectiveness of vaccines.

Nicolas Maduro, the leader of neighboring Venezuela, has ordered an extension of imprisonment during Holy Week to prevent the progress of Brazilian diversity.

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