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a Germany It will invest about 2 billion euros ($ 2.4 billion) for it Supporting the development of the first quantum computerThe Ministries of Economy and Science said Tuesday (11), in addition to related technologies, in the next four years.

The German Ministry of Science will invest 1.1 billion euros by 2025 to fund research and development in quantum computing That uses quantum mechanical phenomena to leapfrog the data-processing capacity of computers.

The Ministry of Economy will invest € 878 million in practical applications.

The economy ministry said the German Aerospace Center (DLR) will receive most of the subsidies – around 740 million euros – to connect industrial companies, mid-sized companies and startups with the goal of forming two federations.

“Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize major industries in our economy,” said Economy Minister Peter Altmaier. He cited applications in areas such as better supply and demand management in the energy sector, improved traffic control, and faster testing of new active materials.

Art galleries inside a quantum computer – Image: Roberta Jaworski / Art G1

“Our goal is to make Germany one of the best centers in the world in the development and practical application of quantum computing,” he said.

“Today we started the mission of the ‘Made in Germany’ quantum computer – and now we are ready to go,” Karlichik said.

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